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About Me


H3llo, my name is Kiseiru, I work as full time psychologist and I enjoy reading a lot. Join as an editor hoping to attract more people to read this novel and manga. Often work in other country and travel so internet access were hard to come by thus reading became my favourite pastime. (watches anime as well)

My Favourite ANIME

I watch shounen and battle anime, a big fan of Isekai anime genre so any Isekai genre will naturally be my favourite alongside slice of life anime which relaxes my mind. My current biggest wish is to be able to see Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita be animated and when it does it will be my favourite anime of all time (I will still be angered if animator that will animate this actually butchered the story and quality)

I will name few of my fav non Isekai anime which suprisingly caught my interest.

  • Claymore (I demand 2nd season)
  • Fate/Stay Night (before plot became bloody confusing)
  • Marchen Awaken Romance (this one is old but kinda Isekai I guess, first one maybe ? Screw Mashin Eiyuuden which I will never recognize as Isekai anime cause that one mecha)
  • Flying Witch (slice of life and relaxes my mind the most)
  • Isekai Shokudou (just restaurant got Isekai'ed so ... uhh)
  • Dungeon no deai wo motomeru no wa ma... (aaargghh)

My Favourite Novel

Well, I read a lot of novels ranging from various of genre such as isekai, xianxia and anything that caught my interest. These were few of them :

Japanese & Isekai & Misc

  • Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita (duh..)
  • Let's be an adventurer ! ~ Defeating Dungeon with skill board.
  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
  • Dungeon No Deai Wo Motomeru ... Familia Myth
  • Solo Leveling


  • I shall seal the heaven
  • A will Eternal
  • Reverend Insanity (Gu Daoist)
  • Peerless Battle Spirit

Favourite Characters

Fran & Megumin I guess, why because they are adorable and most importantly strong, not because they are loli and here is why :

Fran - her reticent nature and less word actually makes her adorable, her motivation and conviction in the story is rather amazing to me as she never given up in any situation no matter how peril it is thus allowing her to break free from her own curse and gain a solid power as the series progresses. My favourite character of all time.

Megumin - one hit ko everything on sight and leave it to party members xD. I simply love her explosion spell, a sight to behold.

My favorite pages

  • Fran's page is my favourite but I will try to contribute info to other page when I find free time to do so.