Urushi is a wolf magic beast familiar that was summoned by Master. He was originally summoned as an Onyx Wolf; however, due to the excessive amount of mana Master used when he summoned him, Urushi evolved into a Darkness Wolf after he was "Christened" with his name.

Like regular Darkness Wolves, his fur is completely jet black. However, he also has some red mixed in around the edges; this, along with possessing a Unique skill, classifies him as a Unique Individual.

These are his stats during his introduction:

When first summoned After Christening and Evolution Most recent status (Chapter 302)
HP 319 451 764
MP 313 670 875
STR 146 216 416
END 156 217 346
AGI 251 310 519
INT 103 202 320
MGC 201 441 549
DEX 128 208 274
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