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Teacher (also translated as Master) is the narrator and main protagonist of Reincarnated as a Sword. He is a sentient magical sword that assists the story's deuteragonist, Fran.


Master is a father and guardian of sorts towards Fran. He takes care of and protects her while also assisting her by providing his abilities and bonuses to Fran.

Towards other people Master acts in a kind and well mannered way, except if they disrespect or try to hurt Fran.


In sword form Master looks like a white longsword with three blue lines on it. Beneath the pale gold hilt there is the sculpture of a courageous wolf and a decorative blue string. The handle is wound with a latticework of blue and white strings. Master gains the ability of changing its shape and size later on.

Master also has the ability to create a clone of himself, at first it took his former human form but as time passes the clones take the form of a sword identical to his sword body.


Before being reincarnated into a sword, he appeared to be a 30-year old salary man who enjoyed anime, manga, VRMMOs, and light novels. He had a friendly personality, enjoyed eating curry, and had some level of proficiency in cooking but had never dated before. He is killed at the start of the story by an oblivious driver who was texting and driving.[2]


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As Of Chapter 302 After Refurbished By Divine Blacksmith Alistair (365) As Of Chapter 620 As Of Chapter 832
Race Intelligence Weapon Intelligence Unique Weapon (Semi Divine Sword) Intelligence Unique Weapon (Divine Sword) Intelligence Unique Weapon (Divine Sword
Attack 726 1182 1352 1500
MP 5500/5500 9500/9500 17452/17452 (+5352 Cannibalism) 20452/20452 (+5352 Cannibalism)
Durability 5300/5300 9500/9500 15450/15450 (+3350 Cannibalism) 16560/16560

(+3350 Cannibalism)

Magic Conductivity A+ S+ SS- SS-
Self Evolution Rank 14 Rank 15 Rank 18 Rank 18
Core Points 9133/10500 0/12000 15310/17100 15310/17100
Memory 138 50 (Reduced due to circuit short risk from over abundance skills) 50 50
Self Evolution Points 70 0 60 60
As of Web Novel Chapter 307



Fran was the only one who managed to hear Master's calls after being trapped in the ground. After pulling him free, she became registered to him as his wielder. In return he saved her from her slave master by killing him and destroying the slave contract, setting her free. The two develop a master-apprentice bond that later grows into a father-daughter relationship. He is very protective of her and wants to help her accomplish her dream of becoming strong and evolving.

Master is in charge of cooking all of Fran's meals, often using materials from monsters that they've slain. Fran appears to enjoy eating the curry that he cooks the most.


  • Master appears to heavily resemble and/or be a reference to the Greatsword of Artorias, used by the character of the same name from the Dark Souls video game series. While he is roughly about the length of a longsword, when used by Fran her small stature instead makes him resemble the likeness of a greatsword. He also sports a wolf motif and possesses magical properties much like the weapon he is based on, and later obtains a wolf familiar like Artorias did in his own story.


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