Rigdis Narasimha is an S-Rank adventurer and the current Beast Lord. 


Rigdis has a massive frame and is almost 2 meters tall. He has yellow gold hair which looks like the mane of a lion.  


Rigdis is a tsundere and therefore never tells what he truly thinks to anyone, due to this, most people view him as vicious and merciless ruler. Like most Beastkin, Rigdis enjoys a good fight and wants to challenge powerful foes. Rigdis is also quite intelligent in battle, being able to tell that Fran had become a Swordlord with a single glance. 


Back when he was a kid, he met Kirara when she was on trash duty, which made Rigdis question why the Black Catkin Tribe were treated so horribly, because of this, he researched about the Black Catkin's past and figured out the sins of the Black Catkin. He believed that the Black Catkin didn't need to be punished any further seeing as the Gods already punished them for 500 years. Later in his life he became an adventurer to gain strength and got support which allowed him to overthrow his father. After gaining the position of king, he made many movements in order to have the Black Catkin in equal position with the other tribes.


Name: Rigdis Narasimha

Species: Red Catkin/Golden Flame Lionkin

Job: Spearlord


HP : 1965

MP : 1081

Strength : 1084
Vitality : 840
Agility: 748
Intelligence : 476
Magic : 587
Dexterity : 491
Sole Sense: Lv 8, Intimidation: Lv Max, Espionage: Lv 3, Super Herculean Strength: Lv 6, Flame Magic: Lv 7, Fire Magic: MAX, Mimicry: Lv 3, Confusion: Lv 8, Presence Detection: lv 8, Hard Qigong: Lv 7, Soft Qigong: Lv 8, Torture: lv 2, Herculean Strength: MAX, Claw/Fang Techniques: Lv 7, Claw/Fang Arts: Lv 7, Regeneration: Lv 8, Command: Lv 3, Raise Morale: Lv 6, Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv 7, Limber: Lv 6, Blink: Lv Max, Blink Step: Lv 5, Resistance to Mental Abnormalities: Lv 5, Elemental Blade: Lv Max, Threaten: Lv 3, Haki: Lv 8, Roar: Lv 8, Magic Resistance: Lv 3, Magic Detection: Lv 4, Magical Barrier: Lv 8, Flame Invalidation, Vigour Mastery, Intermediate Boost to All Stats, Enhanced Spear Techniques, Enhanced Spear Arts, Enhanced Elemental Blade, Enhanced Body Hair, Hardened Body Hair, Demon Killer, Dragon Slayer, Sense of Balance, Predation, Magic Manipulation, Night Vision

Unique Skills

 Spear God's Grace, Divine Spearlord Arts, Divine Spearlord Techniques 

Extra Skills

God of Beasts and Insects' Grace 

Innate Skills


Golden Flame of Extinction

Spear Deification

Kingslayer, Parricidal, Usurper, Beast Lord, Loved by the God of Beasts and Insects, Spearlord, Dungeon Conqueror, Demon Killer, Dragon Slayer, Flame User, S Ranked Adventurer

Equipment : 

Flame Dragon Fang Greatspear

Flame Dragon Scale Armour

Magical Poison Lord Snake Garments

Gold Flame Lion’s Mantle

Sacrificial Bracelet

Ring of Reason

Proof of Beast Lordship

Rigdis is an S Ranked adventurer which automatically makes him one of the strongest characters in the series. When he first intimidated Fran, she was so terrified of him that she started crying. Dias, a guild master of the Ulmutt guild and a former A Ranker stated that he wouldn't be able to lift a finger against the Beast Lord. He has Spearlord as his Job, which is one of the Lords series(jobs that are available only when someone has reached a certain level of mastery their weapon) and therefore has one of the strongest Jobs in the entire series rivalled only by Jobs of the fellow lord series like Fran's Swordlord.

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