This is the first volume of the Reincarnated as a Sword manga adaptation.



Fran is a fiery, cat-eared girl whose luck couldn’t be worse–orphaned, consigned to slavery, and finally attacked by monsters. But everything changes when she finds a legendary talking sword. Inside the sword is the soul of a man from Earth, in search of answers about how he reached his current state. The two seal a pact to become sword and wielder, sharing power and magic between them. Together, Fran and sword cut their way to freedom, and the life of adventure that lies beyond![1]


  • Chapter 1: Black Cat Without a Name
  • Chapter 2: I Was a Sword
  • Chapter 3: Citybound
  • Chapter 4: Fran, Adventurer
  • Chapter 5: The Guildmaster
  • Chapter 6: Fran is Angry
  • Bonus Story: Fran and Pancakes



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