Earth Wrath(アースラース Āsurāsu) is a S Rank adventurer and the current holder of the God Blade Gaia who is travelling around the world to find a way to seal his Demonization skill.


Asura is stated to be an Oni with a scary appearance


Despite his fame as a backstabber and being notorious for his brutality, Asura is mostly very casual and kind to others. Back when he first got Gaia, he wanted to get rid of it by asking a divine blacksmith, although he has already accepted it now. He prefers not to travel with others because of his demonization skill, which makes him lose control and attack allies and foes alike. 


As of Chapter 341
Name: Earth Wrath

Species: Oni (Disaster Demon)


HP : 2918

MP :  1009

Strength :

Vitality : 1228
Agility: 599
Intelligence : 436
Magic : 499
Dexterity : 418
Intimidation: Lv Max, Transportation: Lv 6, Espionage: Lv 5, Sword Techniques: Lv 8, Sword Arts: Lv 9, Dismantling: Lv 7, Herculean Strength: Lv Max, Martial Arts: Lv 6, Unarmed Technique: Lv 6, Environmental Resistance: Lv 7, Presence Detection: Lv 6, Hard Qigong: Lv 9, Highspeed Regeneration: Lv 7, Super Herculean Strength: Lv Max, Regeneration: Lv Max, Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv 9, Instantaneous Movement: Lv 6, Resistance to Mental Abnormalities: Lv 4, Elemental Blade: Lv 8, Greatsword Arts: Lv Max, Greatsword Techniques: Lv Max, Divine Greatsword Arts: Lv 8, Divine Greatsword Techniques: Lv 8, Greater Earth Magic: Lv 6,  Leap: Lv 6, Earth Magic: Lv Max, Soft Qigong: Lv 3, Haki: Lv 6, Deforestation: Lv 7, Physical Barrier: Lv 6, Cooking: Lv 6, Magic Detection: Lv 4, Magic Resistance: Lv 6, Trap Disarm: Lv 5, Trap Detection: Lv 5, Revival of the Dead, Vigour Manipulation, Muscle of Steel, Vigour Increase, Earth Reinforcement, Intuition, Pain Nullification, Dragonslayer, Magic Manipulation, Greater Arm Strength Boost

Unique Skills 

Evil Killer, God of Supernatural Power, Demon, Blessing of the Demon 

Extra Skills

God Blade Release 

Innate Skills

Demonization, Demon of Darkness

Demon Killer, Slaughterer, One recognized by the God Blade, Earth Mage, Dungeon Conqueror, Dragon Slayer, Companion Killer, Battle Maniac, One who annihilates Demon beasts, Rank S Adventurer

Equipment : 

The Earth's Edge Gaia

The Bowl of the Earth Dragon 

Great Armor of the Steel Dragon 

Cloud Dragon Combat Suit 

Mantle of the Mirage Dragon 

Bracelet of Spiritual Stability 

Ring of Anger

Being an S Rank Adventurer, Earth Wrath is one of the strongest characters in the series thus far excluding the Gods and S rank Demon Beasts. His strength comes from his abnormally high status as well as the use of his God Blade. In addition, his Demonization allows his combat abilities to temporarily increase exponentially at the cost of his sanity, which makes him attack anyone near him regardless of friend or foe.  

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