The Beastkin are a group of races created by the God of Beasts and Insects. There were Ten Original Tribes of Beastkin that were founded by Divine Beasts.


Since long ago, the previous ruling beast lords used to belong to the Black Catkin Tribe, specifically that of the Black Heavenly Tigerkin. 500 years before the modern day, a god cursed the entire Black Catkin Tribe making evolving more difficult.

The Ten Original Tribes are:

  • The Golden Flame Lionkin
  • The White Snow Wolfkin
  • The Yellow Dust Ratkin
  • The Purple Wind Elephantkin
  • The Orange Iron Foxkin
  • The Red Earth Horsekin
  • The Green Water Turtlekin
  • The Blue Life Snakekin
  • The Cherry Blossom Cowkin
  • The Black Heavenly Tigerkin.

The Blue Cat Tribe (Which evolves into The Blue Leopardkin), the White Rhino Tribe (Which evolves into The Black Steel Rhinokin), the Grey Rabbit Tribe (Which evolves into The Silver Rabbitkin), and the White Weasel Tribe (Which evolves into The White Curse Weaselkin) are also beastkin, but are not part of the Ten Original Tribes.

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