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|image = Amanda-0.jpg|species = Half-Elf|gender = Female|age = 58|class = *Storm Champion (Previous)
|image = Amanda-0.jpg|species = Half-Elf|gender = Female|age = 58|class = *Storm Champion (Previous)
*Celestial Whipmaster|status = Alive|alias = *Guardian Of Children
*Celestial Whipmaster|status = Alive|alias = *Guardian Of Children

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Amanda is an extremely famous and powerful A ranked Adventurer of Altessa and a whip user. One of the most powerful and influential characters in the series known across continent as Amanda of Hariti.


A guardian of children, Amanda has several orphanages under her protection. She had raised two orphaned Black Catkin children who grew up to become adventurers themselves and had a child together.


Often wild and unpredictable while often showing her emotions in an exaggerated manner, she usually tends to be laid back and cheerful, Amanda acts as a kind and protective mother towards children, befitting her title as Guardian Of Children. Perhaps the loss of Kinan & Framia caused her self loathing towards her inability to prevent their demise which led her to recieve an emotional scar in her heart. Meeting Fran again had given her hope to once again stand strong as a protector of children and renewed her vow to protect what's important to her.

In combat, Amanda displays unflinching calmness, which resulted from her experience over the years as an adventurer, and confidence in her power and her unparalleled combat prowess which bestowed her the titlo of being one of the most powerful Adventurers to ever exist.


As of Chapter 211
Half-Elf LV71 Amanda
HP 651
MP 808
Strength : 330
Vitality : 298
Agility: 457
Intelligence : 383
Magic : 406
Dexterity : 359
Standard skills :
Chant Shortening: Lv 6
Espionage: Lv 8
Dismantling: Lv 8
Flame Resistance: Lv 6
Bare Handed Combat Techniques: Lv 4
Bare Handed Combat Arts: Lv 7
Wind Magic: MAX
Crisis Perception: Lv 9
Presence Detection: Lv 8
Herculean Strength: Lv 5
Mining: Lv 7
Harvesting: Lv 8
Blink: MAX
Blink Step: Lv 7
Drowsiness Resistance: Lv 6
Elemental Blade: Lv 7
Throwing: Lv 8
Poison Resistance: Lv 6
Ice/Snow Resistance: Lv 5
Whip Techniques: MAX
Divine Whip Techniques: Lv 4
Whip Arts: MAX
Divine Whip Arts: Lv 6
Storm Magic: Lv 5
Paralysis Resistance: Lv 8
Magic Perception: Lv 5
Lightning Resistance: Lv 7
Intimidation: Lv7
Orc Killer
Vigour Manipulation
Giant Slayer
Bodily Reinforcement
Demon Slayer
Dragon Killer
Greater Agility Boost
Storm Element Reinforcement
Magic Manipulation
Whip Reinforcement

Innate Skills : Heavenly Whip Techniques

Unique Skills : Spirit’s Grace

Orc Killer
One Who Protects Children
Giant Slayer
Dungeon Conqueror
Demon Slayer
Dragon Killer
One who is Like a Storm
User of Wind
Magic Beast Annihilator
A Ranked Adventurer


Heavenly Dragon’s Beard Whip
Ancient Multi Headed Snake’s Leather Armour
Magic Poisonous Lizard’s Mantle
Magic Eyed Monarch Cow’s Boots
Heavenly Wheel of Substitution 
Lightning Bird’s Decorative Feathers
Bulwark Bracelet
Magic Numbing Owl’s Feather Shuriken x 24

Amanda is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the series alongside Forrund were the 2 are the most powerful top A rank adventurer, on the verge of gaining S rank. In combat regards she posseses a powerful innate skill which proves that Amanda has by far no virtual weaknesses or has been trained to overcome them. Combining the years of experience as an adventurer alongside her longevity resulted in forging her with various achievements that essentially made it so there exists no one that has never heard her name before as her sheer power is but numbers.



She treats Fran as if she was her own child. Openly displaying her affection and worry so much that it annoys Fran. One of the reason is that she knew who exactly Fran is and do not wishes for her to end up like her parents. Though reluctant, Amanda met Fran after Fran's initial achievement and tested Fran's combat prowess to a relief, upon finding that Fran was an accomplished and strong adventurer unlike her parents which succumbed to the born weak Blackcatkin curse, thus allowing Fran to travel on her own. They reunite during Ummut's tournament has given the insight to Amanda that Fran's raw strength has grown to enough to surpas her remarking Fran as a force to be reckoned with while still attempting to give Fran a hard lesson that should one think themselves as the pinnacle of power will lead to their undoing.