The Adventurers' Guild is an international organization that has various branches in the cities of many countries throughout the world. Each Adventurers' Guild location has a Guildmaster.

The Adventurers' Guild buildings are far from musty taverns. It would be more apt to compare the insides to five-star hotels. The establishments are always big.


  • G-Rank: Newbie with a provisional license. Not an actual adventurer.
  • F-Rank: Apprentice. Beginner adventurer.
  • E-Rank: Average adventurer who can proclaim themselves as such.
  • D-Rank: Mid-rank. Can be a party leader.
  • C-Rank: Veteran. Superhuman by civilian standards.
  • B-Rank: Top class. Usually the strongest member of a small guild.
  • A-Rank: Hero. Select few within a given country. Bards begin singing songs about you at this rank.
  • S-Rank: Legend. Only eight have ever existed. Kings bow before them, and they have the authority to command Guildmasters.[1]


There are plenty of services existing for adventurers. You can enter the guild's library of information, sell monster materials, take on quests with rewards, and more. Every location has differing services, but in all locations you can take quests, register as an adventurer, sell your monster materials, and other basic things.

Known Branches


  • Prevents youth from entering the guild by facing them with Donadrond.[1] The Guild Master is Klimt. One of the receptionists is Nell.


  • Has an alchemist service.


To obtain an Adventurer's Card, a placement test is required.[1] Although there are no age restrictions, some guilds try to prevent hopefuls from entering too young by matching them with a powerful examiner. During the test, the guild is not responsible for any damages suffered.


  • In the English Light Novel volume 1, the Adventurers' Guild is referred to as the Adventurer's Guild. This is rectified in later volumes.
  • Adventurers have a tradition: if they feel that a quest is their last quest, they give their cards to someone who will deliver them to the Guild.
  • Adventurers can wear cards of their deceased relatives or friends as talismans.


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